Assalam va alaikum!! Though Ramzan is the holy period for Muslims, the spirit of Ramzan can be felt throughout the neighbourhood. The delicious aromas of food & sweets wafts around, the sight of colourfully decked families – the bonhomie and gaiety is contagious. Often we are invited to Iftaar parties so here is what Gift Guru has in mind:

  1. Dry fruits :

    Certainly a good gift, as it is liberally used in Mughlai cuisine, especially around the festive season. Just be sure to check out the expiry date!

  2. Paan :

    A variety of interesting flavours like chocolate, butterscotch or ice paan, are being sold in paan shops nowadays. Give it a try! A great digestive after a heavy meal, a tray of tastefully presented paans would certainly be welcome!

  3. Fresh fruit basket :

    When one is consuming biryanis, gosht and similar rich dishes on a daily basis, it would be a refreshing treat to bite into a delectable fresh fruit.

  4. Kulfi :

    If one is keen on something sweet, why not present a matka of kulfi instead of the traditional box of mithai? The various flavours are worth trying. Just be sure to pack it in a box of ice till you get there. Often shop keepers provide the box of ice on request.

  5. Perfume :

    A set of branded perfume for Him and Her makes an unusual gift.

  6. Clothes :

    If you know the family intimately, loose fitting outfits like Kaftans for women and Kandura for men makes a personalised gift.

  7. Hijab pins :

    Women have a penchant for collecting beautiful things so a pretty hijab pin would make a perfect gift for the lady of the house. If it fits your budget go for something gold plated!!

  8. Curios :

    A variety of smaller gifts like mugs, bookmarks, wall hangings engraved with Quran verses, are also worth looking into, if gifting an older person.

  9. Jewellery :

    Personalised jewellery with a letter from the hosts’ name, engraved in Urdu would make a real statement!!

  10. Many stores would provide special Ramzan sales and discounts so it would be a unique idea to present the host with Gift cards.

    Let us help you to celeberate  in a better way.