Does your next year’s Christmas shopping start at this year’s day-after-christmas sales, or does the annual sight of tinsel and tree trimmings mingled with halloween decorations at the mall make you want to shout “BAH HAMBUG”? Either way we hope you’ll find some holiday cheer in the following blog.

Christmas Mornings

Give a morning breakfast basket to your holiday host or hostess. Fill with an assortment of muffin and pancake mixes, syrup and jellies, gourmet cocoa mixes, fresh fruits and napkins with holiday motifs.

For the Couple

Decorate a storage box with holiday wrap and fill it with lights, ornaments, candles, wrapping paper, ribbon, greeting cards, and traditional holiday recipes for a couple’s first Christmas.

Friends and Family

For friends that stop by during the holidays fill a basket with crackers, ornaments, or small wrapped gifts. Choose generic gifts- candy, puzzles, mugs, note pads, picture frames. Wrap gifts in different papers to indicate which ones are for men, women or children.

Engage Children

Assemble a holiday activity box to occupy children while parents prepare for holiday parties, shop or wrap presents. Be sure activities are age appropriate and can be completed without supervision.

Gift Cards

If you are still not clear about the idea of ‘what to gift’, you can go for Gift cards. It’s easy to buy a gift card of any brand your loved one favours. Let them choose their own gifts for themselves. So just go ahead and celebrate Christmas this year, knowing that gifting will never be a problem again.

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