It’s always hard to say farewell to dear friends. Moving to a new house or transferring to a new job are bitter sweet occasions filled with apprehension and anticipation. To relieve a bit of the separation anxiety, bid adieu with one of the following.

1. Give a memento of the area from which the recipients are leaving. It brings back a flood of memories about the time we spent working and living in the area.

2. Give a framed photo, water color, or sketch of the house the recipients are leaving.

3. Arrange for a newspaper subscription from their old area to be delivered to their new address.

4. Host a farewell party in their honor.

5. Give an address book, stationary, stamps, and a nice pen. Let friends handwrite their own addresses in the book.

6. Arrange for the delivery of a tree or plant to their new house. Or send bulbs or clippings from your garden with them.