Why Brand Loyalty?

Loyalty in today’s world is the most precious thing to gain a regular audience. Most times, convincing a regular to another purchase is way cheaper than acquiring a new customer. This is why you should focus your efforts on enlarging your scale and building long-term relationships with already acquired customers at the same time.

Loyalty Program: Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior — behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm.

Re-enforcing the perks throughout a customer’s first few experiences with a brand as they are on-boarded may be the start of a life-long relationship.

Loyalty programs help you target your customers and bring them back. A Loyalty points program is a fantastic way to acquire, engage customers and let them return more often.

What makes a customer loyal to a brand is the ‘Strong trustworthy relationship’

The emotional attachment that consumers develop with a brand dramatically influences their purchasing decisions.

Customer loyalty = they buy from you when they could buy from someone else

Standing for something, understanding your customers and backing your brand up with social proof is the perfect recipe for having customers feel a personal commitment and loyalty towards your brand.


Make your Customer Base strong and increase your revenue by focusing on your loyal customers. But setup and management of a Loyalty Program can require increased staff and professional fees, items that might make the threshold for return on investment difficult to overcome and here Doboz solves the problem.