“Diwali is a festival of lights” we all know this line by heart. From our childhood till now all the other things are all same. Diwali still excites us as it does in our childhood. When it comes to enjoying  Diwali, our age is just a number. The 5 day long Diwali celebration start with Dhanteras that is the day to welcome Lakshmi- the Goddess of Wealth. Are you finding it difficult in deciding what to buy on this Dhanteras? Well, it may be a very common matter of confusion among the people now a day as Dhanteras is ahead. So for your help, this blog includes amazing ideas for Dhanteras gifts.

Gold or Silver coins :

The meaning of  a word “Dhanteras” is ‘dhan’ meaning wealth and ‘teras’ is the thirteenth day of the lunar calendar on which the festival is celebrated. What can define wealth more than gold or silver, a gold or silver coins would a good gift idea and it will be also a memorable gift.

Silver Plated Kitchenware :

kitchenware is an essential to be brought an item on Dhanteras. Whether for self or for gifting kitchenware is the best choice to make. Gift silver plated premium bowl set, silver plated tea and saucer set, silver plated ice cream bowls, silver plated fruit bowl, silver plated dry fruit bowls etc.

Electronics :

If you ask youngsters for their preferences when you are considering what to buy for Dhanteras Pooja, without a doubt, the answer you will get would be electronics. In this day and age where personal gadgets are what people spend their maximum time with, electronic gadgets have become the most welcome gifts for both young and old alike.

Accessories :

Aside from jewellery, there are other accessories like bags, wallets, and clutches that can double up as great gifts for Dhanteras Pooja. A gilded clutch can help adds a dazzling finishing touch to any traditional outfit and be especially handy during Diwali. For men, you can choose from wallets, Swarovski buttons for kurtas or even jewelled pens that can add a touch of sophistication to their outfits.

Sweets :

Sweets are integrally related to all traditional festivals. No festival is in fact, truly complete without a generous helping of these sugary delights. Go for the single type of sweets or a mixed pack containing varieties of sweets. A big sweet pack will be just a nice gift for your friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

eGift Cards :

If there is still any confusion or you are busy with work, don’t worry send your loved one’s eGift Cards on the occasion of Dhanteras to any part of India and make it even more delightful for them. They can easily redeem these eGift Cards on selected outlets and enjoy a great shopping experience.

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