Diwali, festival of lights, is just around the corner and it means so many different things – a long holiday, organising activities for kids, Diwali corporate gifts and cleaning the house. But most of all, Diwali is also the time for gifting your friends, relatives and colleagues. While most of us will pick one of the usual suspects such as dry fruits-diyas-firecrackers, read on if you want to see my take on the quirky twists you can give traditional Diwali gift ideas.

Clothes and jewellery: Are some of the most thoughtful and difficult gifts because sizes and tastes maybe unknown. Be cool and give a gift voucher instead. If you think it’s too impersonal because you didn’t spend enough thought and effort in customising it, give some suggestions of the types of clothing or jewellery you saw on the website or at the shop, which you think will look great on him/her. You can buy these Diwali gifts vouchers online from DOBOZ for Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Westside, Pantaloons, TBZ, Snapdeals, Paytm,Amazon Fashion, Tanishq, and more.

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Family dresses, jewellery


Bhai dooj shagun, tikka or ovalni money: Gift your sister the choice of anything she wants – gift her a Diwali gift voucher or Diwali gift coupon. Giving a voucher for Diwali is exactly like giving shagun or ovalni money.

bhai dooj


Diyas: It’s a festival of lights, not festival of diyas and light can come in any format. Lava lamps are relaxing to look at and great if you have young kids (who get scared at night).

lava lamps


Paper lanterns are beautiful and can be used even later in the year. These lovely, lovely creations come in so many shapes and sizes – Chinese lanterns (1), paper lanterns (2) or grounded lights (3). If you want a more substantive gift, give the gorgeous Arabian lanterns which cast beautiful colours and shadows on walls (4) or the charming old fashioned, wrought iron Railway lanterns (5). If you like them, buy Diwali discount vouchers right here at DOBOZ

com lamp


Dry fruits and mithai:  Instead of the endless boxes of dry fruits and mithai that everyone gives, be original and give something refreshingly different such as Baklava, festive looking, colourful macaroons bite sized pastries, brownies on pop sticks, bite sized tarts, cookies or. Kids will love it and the hostess will be thankful.

dry fruits & mithai


Rangoli: Give to nature as well as your hosts, by giving eco friendly colours. A lot of stores sell organic colours, like saffron, haldi (turmeric), rice powder and dried flower petals of various colours. E gift vouchers for natural colours are easily available at most organic stores are available here. Be sure to take along readymade Rangoli plates / stencils which gave different shapes and outlines and make it easy to draw a rangoli.