Terms and Conditions:

1)  Doboz is hosting a contest called “My Dream Gift” and whereby winners stand a chance to win Rs 2000 worth of gift cards on Doboz .

2)  It is a 15 days contest starting from 26th September to 10th October (End of the Day)

3)  Participants must ensure that their entry/submission is made within this Contest Period.   

4)  Entry should be in the form of tweet/comment mentioning #HakSeMaango #Doboz

5)  Participant’s replies/ answers/ posts/ comments/ tweet has to be in context to the subject which is given on the announcement post

6)  Participant’s replies/ answers/ posts/ comments must not contain any demeaning, abusive, profanity, hate speech, obscenity, etc.

7)  Sending multiple entries is allowed.

6)  The winner can avail the gift card of maximum Rs. 500 denominator and minimum of Rs. 100 denomination for a particular brand. He has to avail gift card of minimum four brands

7)  The decision of Doboz on the selection of a winner shall be purely subjective basis likes/share/retweets/creativity of the post . Decision of the selection shall be final and binding and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

8)  Doboz does not commit to a fixed timeline to deliver the Gift set/ prize to its winners.

9)  The Prize is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed / exchanged for cash.

10)  Doboz reserves the right to withdraw, change, defer, alter or cancel this contest in part or full, or change any or all of the terms and conditions that are applicable, without giving prior intimation/notice of any kind and will not be liable for any consequential losses/damages. Any decision of Doboz  in this regard and in general with respect to this contest and the terms and conditions thereto shall be final, binding.