“EK, DO, TEEN, CHAR GANPATI KA JAI JAI KAR…….”  chanting these lines get our energy high as a sky. This 10-day long festival is what we wait for, throughout the year. It begins with the tasty food smell in our kitchen and the decorated home, we welcome Ganpati bapaa with all the love and joy. From the first day to the last day we get surrounded with the very high energy and positive vibes.  Ganesh Chaturthi a festival that’s equally dear to the young and the old. Everyone wants to deck up in their best and give and receive gifts! so here are some suggestions.

Ganesha Idols :

A wonderful gift item for this occasion is the idol of Lord Ganesha, the divine being around whom revolves the festival. Available in bronze, gold plating, silver, brass, wood and crystal. Ganesha idols are readily available in the market and are supposed to bring home lots of good luck and prosperity.

Gift Hampers :

Another gift idea for the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi is giving gift hampers. This can include holy books related to Lord Ganesha, idol of Lord Ganesha, chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, decorative earthen lamps (diyas), etc. This is really one of the best gifts which can be given on this time of merriment to your loved ones.

Home Appliances :

You can also gift latest model of the home appliance which your relative needs. This will surely bring smile on their face and also you can express your feeling which cannot be expressed in words. So, gift your relatives this year a branded home appliance on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and make them happy.

Apparels :

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, you can also gift apparels of their favourite brand to your relatives and friends or the attire which they were thinking to buy on Ganesh Chaturthi. This gift will really be very much liked by them and will also show your love towards them.

Dry Fruits :

Dry fruits are also the best of the gifts to give to the loved ones and to express your love and affection towards them. In the market, various types of gift packs of dry fruits are available such as assortment of different dry fruits either on a decorated tray or a box, or on a silver plate. They can be kept for a long time and also are healthy to eat.

Gift Cards :

If you are still not clear about the idea of ‘what to gift’, you can go for Gift cards. It’s easy to buy a gift card of any brand your loved one favours. Let them choose their own gifts for themselves. So just go ahead and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi this year, knowing that gifting will never be a problem again.
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