Raksha Bandhan is around the corner. This festival holds a very special place in our heart. Our siblings are an essential part of our life. In today’s hassled world, their unconditional love and support is a real treasure! In our daily lives, we get to see so many of their faces: ‘I am so happy face’, ‘devil face’, ‘let’s party face’, ‘you are busted face’, ‘I am calling mom face’, ‘everyone loves me face’ and my personal favourite ‘you are ignored face’. Let’s gift these faces and see them turn into a “surprise” face and then an “I love you, stupid!” face.
So brothers and sisters start taking notes!!

For Sisters

  • For the party girl:When you say “Let’s party”, your sister’s “I am so bored face” turns into a “glam face”. From being the regular, plain Jane how she suddenly turns into a princess is still a mystery. Pamper and spoil her a little, because at the end of the fairy-tale, she is the one you always wanted to see as a princess!!

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  • For the shopaholic: She never tires of shopping because that is her life’s aim. One wonders what happened to all those clothes every time she whines “I don’t have anything to wear”. Give her one more reason to shop this Raksha Bandhan!!

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  • For the bookworm:For the sister who will not respond till she completes the book she is absorbed in. The smile on her face after she finishes it is precious

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  • For the foodie:The way her eyes sparkle when she sees food defines her love for it. She looks most beautiful when she talks passionately about her favourite dish. As a brother, it is good to see that she is not always worried about her weight and enjoy each bite to the fullest.

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For Brothers

  • For the fashion conscious:Sisters always wonder why their brothers are so obsessed with their hair. They never like their hair touched or ruffled lovingly. In case one does, they turn on their ‘annoyed face’, and it is so much fun to see that face.

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  • For the Gadget Guru:He knows about every gadget in the market and is always part of the chase to get it. Trying every new gadget is his dream! In fact, his pastime is getting more information about various gadgets!

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  • For the traveller:For him, traveling is a part of life, his bag are always packed. His traveling experiences always brings a smile to your face.

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  • For the latecomer:Brothers are always late with the typical excuse “I am not late, you are early” which irritates most of us. To ensure they never keep you waiting, a wristwatch is an apt gift.

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