“What girls want?” this is the biggest question of all the time. When it comes to some special occasion and we want to make it special for our girl, the whole new level of confusion occurs in our mind. Finding a gift for her is more difficult than finding a treasure in ocean. There are various options for gift but what exactly she wants is a mystery can only be solved by ‘Sherlock Holmes’. A gift engage so many things or time, money, energy and long thought process. This blog is a guide for all those who are still confuse. It contains a list of gifts which your girl love to receive.


Every time she do shopping and you ask her why do you do shopping so frequently, a constant answer comes from her ‘I have nothing to wear’. Clothes is her first love, she loves to catch up with every new trend in fashion world. Floral print, pastel colours, graphical print tees you can always go for. If she has a bold personality then you can also go for pop colours like orange, yellow or dark blue.


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Beauty products:

Whatever her age may be, every woman loves to look beautiful. Maybe she says beauty doesn’t matter but somewhere she always tends to try to be beautiful. You can gift her a full makeup kit like, all Lakme absolute products and she will love you more than ever.

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For every mood of her, gift her the set of different books. Whatever her mood is she can read a book related to it and can feel the emotions growing in her. The attachment to book can lead her to the new discovery of herself. It can be helpful for her in managing her moods and making a good balance of it.

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Art work:

Art is a great depiction of our life, having a good art work around can fill your mind and heart with new energy.  It is something different than usual gifts but very innovative and inspiring sense.

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The most important thing in each girl life is to find the perfect jewellery on a perfect dress because on the jewellery all the look of a outfit depends upon. She has a huge collection of jewellery but every time she go anywhere she come with a new one.

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Every girl’s best friend is chocolate, when she is happy or sad one constant thing is chocolate. She can let go the world for chocolates. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to chocolate. You will see the  same smile on her face each time when you give her chocolates. Gift her a box of chocolate with a note saying ‘don’t be worried about your weight, fluffy is cute so eat as many you want to eat’.

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Gift card:

If you want a clear exit from all this troubles of finding a good gift for her, you have a option that can save you and give you the guarantee of her happiness. Gift her a Gift card and let her decide what she wants. This will save your time, money, energy and even your life from your girl if you are not good at gifting. Plus many options to shop from and many saving deals.

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