If you’re like me, Christmas is shaped as much by family routine as Hollywood. And even though it’s cheesy, it’s fun to celebrate Christmas in the good old fashioned way. You’re going to need some essential ingredients for this


Set the tone right with a tree. I don’t think there’s any prop in any festival that sets the festive tone like the Christmas tree. Get wonderfully colourful balls and stars and shiny decorations for it. If you can’t have an actual tree or don’t have the room for it, get a miniature sized one, complete with fake snow

Speaking of tone, enhance the Christmas feel with elfs and reindeers statues. These things are ubiquitous in most markets. Set them up around the house, outside your house (if you trust your neighbours), in the corridor or even set one up on your office desk

The Christmas menu-perhaps the best part of this festival. Rum soaked cake and eggnog, a good bottle of wine and a special type of meat like duck or turkey. Try and get everything freshly cooked and enjoy over a cheesy Christmas movie with family and friends


A lovely tradition is putting up stockings on a fireplace (or in the living room, if you are like most people and don’t have a fireplace) on Christmas Eve and filling it with your presents for family. While this seems appropriate only for children, no one is too old to wake up and find a stocking (or a cloth bag) with a present

However, if you are lucky enough to have children, go the whole hog – make cookies at home with them and get them to leave a plate of cookies and milk for Santa Claus in the living room. Even if they know that the parents are the ones giving the presents, children will still find it a sweet tradition.

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