September 27, marks the World Tourism Day by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide. We all know about Incredible !ndia, it is a tourism marketing brand name for India but do you really know what is the exact story behind it. This story is a remarkable saga of how Incredible !ndia attracted the attention of overseas and domestic customer. To be truly powerful, a brand must express itself and not just in terms of product benefit, but in terms of a greater socio-economic truth. Apple told a brave new world to reject big blue IBM and “Think Different”. Nike told the flabby, procrastinating city-dwellers everywhere to stop making excuse and “Just Do It”.

The Incredible !ndia Campaign

The Incredible !ndia campaign belongs to this generation of branding. Visually, it uses the “!” symbol to convey the mind-boggling depth intensity of Indian experience. Every aspect of India is summed up by the simple yet profound exclamation mark. The economic downturn and the cowardly terror attacks have adversely impacted tourism. A crisis of massive magnitude had gripped Indian tourism in 2001-02. The year 2002 had seen a decline of 6% in tourist arrival and 3% in foreign exchange earnings in US$ terms as compared to 2001, which itself had witnessed a fall of 4.2% in arrivals and 7.6% in foreign exchange earnings over 2000. In the global tourism industry, India had often been referred to as ‘sleeping giant’ or a sleeping elephant.

October 2002, Indian tourism launched the “Incredible !ndia” campaign

There was clearly a need for Indian tourism to develop a strong identity that encapsulates India’s special attributes and create a definable profit. There was an imperative need to differentiate India from other destinations in the world. As a result, in October 2002, Indian tourism launched the Incredible !ndia campaign. The campaign started with a merge outlay Rs 15.71 crore in 2002-03 and increased to Rs 220 crore, with 110 crore being spend on campaign. As a result in 2007, the 5 million tourist who arrived in India spent nearly US$ 11 billion. The  World Tourism Organisation (WTO) Tourism 2020 Vision had projected that India’s total arrivals by 2020 reach will be 8.9 million. Incredible !ndia made its success through out the globe and much more success is to seek in coming future.

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