Karva Chauth it is one such festival that reflects the true essence of tradition and culture of Indian women. It amazing how selflessly she fast whole day for the longevity, peace and prosperity of their husband. Karva Chauth can surplus 100 valentines days put together. A gift to someone special should always be something that can be treasured throughout his or her life. It is not the gift but the thought that counts. Now that Karva Chauth, the most awaited festival for married women is approaching, husbands are facing the pressure so here are some ideas.

Queen of cooking:

You can also gift latest model of the home appliance which your wife needs. This will surely bring smile on her face and also you can express your feeling which cannot be expressed in words. It is also a gift for you, as you will get all those yummy things to eat. So go on and gift her a home appliance she want and see her being happy.

Jewellery lover:

Precious jewellery always makes her happy and who knows this fact better than you! You can make her happy by gifting her a beautiful neck piece or an attractive ring. She probably has a plenty of it. But, she will love a gorgeous Kundan necklace set from her husband. Traditional jewellery particularly hold a special importance to  women. Find great gift options for this special day.

Fitness freak:

If your wife is a fitness freak but is not getting time to hit the gym, then gift a treadmill or exercise cycle. You can also gift a gym membership which will compel her to visit the gym. Fitness tracker is also a good idea, it will keep track of all her daily health activities.

Just too tired:

Give her gift vouchers valid for a year or two for an extensive range of beauty treatments and luxurious spa therapies in the best salons nearby. Let your wife pamper herself. A spa day will reenergise her and make her more happy and relax. The more she will be relaxed the the more you will be happy.


Ever time she do shopping and you ask her why do you do shopping so frequently, a constant answer comes from her ‘I have nothing to wear’. Clothes is her first love, she loves to catch up with every new trend in fashion world. This time it is your turn to surprise her with your good choice of clothes and her looking beautiful in the dress you gift.

Shopping on Karva Chauth

Independent women:

If you want a clear exit from all this troubles of finding a good gift for her, you have a option that can save you and give you the guarantee of her happiness. Gift her a Gift card and let her decide what she wants. A independent women loves this gift as she has a habit of not being dependent on anyone and she will love you more for respecting her independence.

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