Cats or even dogs aren’t my favourite animals to hang out with, but many families adore them. In that case, you can buy the family’s pet a variety of gifts- from useful to ornamental. Pet owners always welcome supplies for their furry friends, so something even as simple as food could work. Here are some your options:

  1. Food :

    Before you buy food for a pet, make sure you know the pet’s preferences. Some animals are as choosy as humans and refuse to eat certain brands of food. You don’t want to gift a whole bag of biscuits that go to waste.

  2. Play toys :

    Especially in houses where all the family members are busy, pets need toys to keep them busy. There is a huge market of toy for cats, dogs and even more unusual pets like guinea pigs and hamsters. Keep family members in mind though, you don’t want to buy a squeaky toy that will drive the owners crazy.

  3. Costumes :

    Pet costumes are all the rage, especially during festivals like Halloween or Christmas. You can order costumes online for dogs, cats etc. Just make sure the costumes aren’t made of materials that will annoy the animal.

  4. Photo shoots :

    If you want to be extravagant, pet photo shoots are becoming the ‘in thing’ in social circles. Remember those old style photo shoots where people posed in front of some scenery wearing special clothes? Now, they are doing the same thing for their pets. These shoots come at different prices, usually starting at around Rs. 3,000.

  5. Decorative :

    A gorgeous collar or coat for the family’s four-legged friend can bring a smile to everyone’s face. If the family has fish, there are a number of decorative fish tank items you can buy, which may or may not make the fish happy, but certainly do the trick for the owners.