Choosing an appropriate gift for corporate associates can be a tricky business, indeed. The right gift can give momentum to good business relationship while an incorrect gift could bring negotiations to a halt. Ideally, the corporate gifts you choose should reflect your thoughtfulness, and good taste.

  • Exclusive gift:

    If you are on good terms with them, a gift relating to the hobby of your associate would be well received. E.g. golf clubs, special edition books, music CDs.

  • Wine bottle:

    If the person likes a glass of bubbly, a selection of good wine would be an appropriate gift.

  • Crystal:

    A piece of crystal from a well-known company like Swarovski, Waterford, and Baccarat would be surely appreciated!

  • Leather items:

    A good quality wallet, card holder, briefcase, passport or document holder is a good gift for the businessman on the go.

  • Hello:

    A smart phone or accessories could definitely give your business the needed lift!

  • Travel-lite:

    If the associate travels frequently, why not gift a bag of travel accessories from a branded company? A time piece showing the world time is also an ideal gift for such a person.

  • Tick tock:

    A branded wrist watch is a personalized choice, depending on how well you know the recipient.

  • Gift basket:

    If your company specializes in a particular product like food items, chocolates, fruits, a gift basket of the same is an appropriate.

  • Useful Accessories:

    Paperweights, pens, letter openers, bookmarks, picture frames, vases and clocks can discreetly bear your logo to remind the recipient of your company.

  • Cybernaut:

    For those who are forever at their laptop or on cellular phones, accessories like a leather cellular phone case, computer disc storage, computer games, or a customised mouse pad make popular gifts that could be used at home, on the road, or in the office.

Now that you are all set to make the right choices, HAPPY SHOPPING!!