A sincere effort, however small, is what we need.

It was the 4th day of April, not a normal day but a day when I realized how technologies could draw people closer. The modem that I ordered from Amazon got delivered on the same day at my workplace, DOBOZ.

After calling it a day at work, I boarded a local taxi for my home but unfortunately, I forgot to collect my newly ordered modem from the taxi. I lost all hopes of getting it back as I didn’t have any way of contacting the taxi driver and ordered a new one on the same day.

Surprisingly, I got a call from the taxi driver’s son the very next day. He said,” Bhaiyya aap apna courier taxi mein bhool gaye they”. I said, “Haaan”. “Kal Papa aapke office aake courier de denge” came the reply.

I received the courier at DOBOZ, thanked him and tried giving him a Flipkart Gift Card to express my gratitude. He said, “I’ve been driving this cab for the past 35 years now. I’m old but I still have to support myself. Over the years, there have been so many experiences — I’ve seen the best and worst of this city. Sometimes, people like you talk to me, make me feel human and then there are others who come and scream at me because they’re in a hurry and there’s too much traffic.”

He said that he was fortunate enough to experience the positive impact of being honest. “I feel very happy when I return the forgotten things. Some people shake hands, salute or hug me, give me some money – it feels very nice,” he said.

Listening to his story came with the realization that humanity still existed in today’s world and it was possible because someone was able to leverage technology for a good cause.