Wedding have been a symbolic and literal basis for political, commercial, cultural, and family alliances throughout human history. They are also cause for celebration. Although specific practices and protocols vary with culture and circumstance, the giving of gifts to the newly wedded is universal. If you want your gifts to make a lasting impression, engage yourself in giving one of the following.


Family heirlooms or treasures are often passed on as wedding presents. These are especially meaningful when accompanied by a description of the item’s significance or history.

Show your Talents

Offer your talents to make the bride’s wedding dress; take pictures of the reception; make the wedding cake or the other food for the reception; make centerpieces or other decorations for the reception; or address the wedding invitations.

Bon Voyage

Bid farewell to the travelling duo with a “Bon Voyage Send Off”. Pool your resources for a contribution to the travel fund, or give luggage, a money belt, an electronic word translator, a travel journal or a portable water filter.

Gift for Two

Give a matched set of two comfortable chairs, bedside tables, lamps, snack trays, bed trays, bicycles, garden carts, wrist watches, trees, shrubs, or crystal goblets.

Bring them Closer

A great idea is to give or arrange lessons for two in skydiving, dancing, cooking, or another activity the couple enjoys doing together.

Gift Cards

Gift them a gift card and let them decide what they want for them. By this you will be saved from a lot of work and drama and they will also get what they want. You don’t also have to run your mind in all possible directions to find a perfect gift for the couple, all things will be smooth as a butter.

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