Women equality day is not just a day, it is a 72 years struggling journey of women’s fighting for there basic rights.  The Women equality day has very deep roots in the human revolution history. The first major women’s rights conference was held at Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848, and the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. Thousands of people participated in marches through cities like New York and Washington DC, wrote editorials and pamphlets, gave speeches all over the nation, lobbied political organisations, and held demonstrations with the goal of achieving voting rights for women. The crowd was full of energy it was the first time in history that a group of people picketed the White House. Women’s Equality Day commemorates 26th August 1920 when votes to women officially became part of the US constitution before this bill was resubmitted numerous time.

Are women really equal to men?

After all this struggle in the history the question remains the same “Are women really equal to men?” or the society just widening the difference. In 2016 do women can really say that they are equal to men. Every coin has two sides, why don’t we just turn the table and think according to the men perspective. The definition of equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities. Till this day in our society girl child and boy child are grown with different mind set. We grow our daughter as princess, but why not as a warrior. Why do we tell them that they need to be saved by somebody? Why don’t we tell them, they have to swing the sword to help themselves and no one else will.

In present day women earn equal to men, why then we still expect the men to pay bills or some times men also feel shame when women pays the bill. Why men and women are bonded to colors from our childhood we are being told that pink is girls color and blue is boys, why men can not wear pink, is any of this needed? We as a person can wear anything we want to wear.

There are many things we are still not doing correctly, men and women are created equally they have there part to play on this earth. No one no one is inferior or superior we all are equal. We should not say that women is to be respected or need to be protected, she is capable of gaining respect and can take care of herself. It will require time, but questions are needed to raise your society’s perspective because when we talk about equality we meant to be equal.

Give them a choice to choose their own gift

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